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Dealing with the stresses of exam results day

With exam results day creeping up, it is common to feel anxiety and worry. However, this doesn't have to be the case. You’ve already done the hard part, sitting the exams. You've tried your best and it's now time to have trust in your ability. Here are some ways to get through these feelings and come out stronger on the other end.

Think positively and find distractions

Don’t let the stress of how you did consume your mind. Find good and positive distractions that allow you to enjoy your summer. Maybe a vacation, a good summer read. If anyone is looking for a warm light read we recommend; Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid or Book Lovers by Emily Henry.

Talk to friends and family

Your friends are probably in the same situation as you. Make sure you lean on them and talk these feelings through. It can make you feel much better knowing you aren't alone in this situation. If you find that your friends are a little more relaxed, know that everyone processes things differently. The wait up to results day can be difficult, we often experience feelings of stress as we don't know what to expect and we feel like we have no control over a situation. However, it is important we manage these effectively.

Celebrate yourself

Don’t wait til after you receive your results to celebrate. This whole process of revising and sitting your exams is worthy of celebration. Go out with your friends, get yourself something you've been wanting, or take yourself to the movies. You deserve this! We are proud of you!

Stay open-minded

An open and positive mind can help you cope better with stress. A positive mind attracts positive outcomes and allows you to deal with any unexpected results in a way that's better for your mental well-being. Think positively, speak positively and see how your life changes!

We wish you all the best on results day! No matter what the results show you should be proud of yourself. Please remember you are not defined by your results! And like we always say at EBV ‘Rejection is Redirection!’

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1 Comment

Mustapha Mannir
Mustapha Mannir
Aug 10, 2023

Thank you so much for the remedy to my nervousness about the exam result. Deeply appreciated

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