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 About Us 

Our Story

Empowered By Vee serves students who feel underrepresented and disempowered. We equip students with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in higher education. Our holistic empowerment model prioritises the emotional well-being of our students, whilst providing tangible and actionable steps to improve academic performance. We target students during the transitional stages of higher education (pre-application, at university, and early career).

We firmly believe that empowerment starts in the classroom. That's why we partner with schools, universities, and the students themselves to ensure that these skills are integrated into student curriculums in some form.

Empowered By Vee is powered by a small voluntary team of students who want to make higher education more accessible. Our volunteers represent the universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham, Queen Mary, Brunel, and Warwick (to name just a few!). We are also supported by a wonderful network of mentors who provide subject, skill, and background specific expertise.

Our Founder

Empowered By Vee was founded by Varaidzo (Vee) Kativhu, a 26 year old education activist. Vee is an Oxford University BA graduate, a Harvard University Master of Education graduate and a current PhD student at Claremont Graduate University in Education Leadership. As a young student, Vee had aspired to attend a Russell Group University, but she did not feel equipped to do so as someone from an underrepresented and low socio-economic background. 


Vee firmly believes that there is an abundance of capable young people who are slipping through the system. Vee set up Empowered By Vee to offer the support she wished she had as a sixth form and university student.


Who We've Partnered With

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