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Preparing for a new school year

Another summer has gone and another academic year is ahead! I can’t believe the summer flew by and we are already headed into the fall semester. As the fall semester begins to unfold I am feeling both anxious and excited for new classes, experiences, and moments. While sometimes we can feel refreshed and ready to tackle a new year, other times it seems the summer wasn’t long enough. Today I am sharing my advice on preparing for a new year with the right mindset.

1. Get organized

So maybe you are already moved into your new dorm or you are still at home, wherever you are, take time to really organize. In many cases, clutter has been found to be detrimental to productivity. Therefore, taking small steps is important. There are many things you can do, from adding a trash can nearby to storing pencils and pens in a drawer or paper in a file. The presence of a clear desk can also help you clear your mind.

2. Sleep, Sleep, sleep

We are all familiar with staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning focused on completing all of our assignments, studying for a final exam, or even procrastinating. Getting into a routine can be helpful for your mind and body. Your circadian rhythm, essentially your natural sleep cycle, is designed to help you have more energy during the day and less during the night, so in actuality being well rested can help you perform better. Make sure when you are deciding to get involved in clubs or have a job outside of University that you are prioritizing your wellness.

3. Learn your class schedule

This one might be obvious but learning your schedule ahead of time and making sure you know where the classrooms are before the first day can be quite beneficial. Read through the class syllabus so you can be more prepared for the work you have to do. Additionally, using a planner or online calendar can be another great way to keep track of assignments and test days.

4. Connect with professors early

For those of us nearing the end of our university years, recommendations are important for entering the real world, so it is imperative to build rapport with professors and faculty early on. Not only does connecting with professors help with doing well in class or asking for recommendations but also having a mentor throughout your post-graduate years!

5. Meet new people

Whether you are just beginning university or you are in your last year, meet new people! From transfer students and incoming students to studying abroad. There are endless possibilities to meet new people and create long-lasting connections.

6. Find your community

From theater and a capella to robotics or computer science, check out the new clubs at your university and find a community to join! Being a part of a student club can be an amazing experience whether you are learning new things or just having fun, community is an integral part of university life.

7. Do something you love every day or every week

Find time to do something you want to do, from watching your favorite TV series to drawing every day or just hanging out with friends and family. Every week try to find time for yourself to do what you love!

8. Take healthy risks

There is literally no better time to take risks than in university! Become comfortable going outside your comfort zone, try something new this month, listen to new music, find a new hobby, or even make a new cuisine! These are the years to learn more about yourself, to grow, to stretch your wings, and eventually, one day, fly!

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