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Advice for the end of the year: Surviving Finals and Looking to Summer!

At last, we are almost here, so close to finishing exams and ready to start the summer. But as the last few days or weeks follow, we might need some motivation. If you are anything like me, you might be a bit behind on work, late at starting, or procrastinate even the smallest assignment. So even though we talked about self-care last time, now we should all try to be in focus mode. Below are some tips for staying focused and finishing the year strong.

Write out To-Do Lists

When thinking about all the final assignments, papers, and exams you need to be prepared for it can be easy to get overwhelmed. By writing down a tangible goal and breaking it down into smaller steps, it can provide an action plan with achievable milestones. This helps to break up the daunting task of completing a large assignment into manageable chunks and can also help to provide motivation and a sense of accomplishment as each task is completed.

Schedule your calendar

I know for me, I can often become overwhelmed by the number of assignments I have to do and when I am focusing on just one class, the other deadline’s begin to disappear from my mind, hence it is important to schedule your calendar. Write down all of the assingments or exams on the day the deadlines are. This will help you to stay organized and remain on top of your workload, as well as plan ahead for any tests or assignments coming up. It will also allow you to prioritize tasks and manage your time more efficiently.

Organize a study group

For the STEM students out there, studying for exams can be draining, so finding and connecting with people from your class to study together can make it more engaging fun and interesting. Even if you are working on a project, presentation, paper or anything else. Working with other people who are also productive can help you get into the mindset of being productive.

Lean on your support network

Whether this be friends, family members, faculty, professors and fellow students, all of these people are there to help you so lean on them when you are struggling. If you are not confident in an assignment, have questions about time management or just can’t seem to focus, reach out to a support network to gain a clearer understanding of what you can do to recharge and focus.

Make time for the Basics

Imagine setting an alarm for eating, sounds preposterous right? Well actually not so much. Both eating and sleeping are vital for your brain to work at full capacity and it is well known when you are well-nourished and rested you’ll have a higher chance of doing well on an exam.

Get Outside

Make sure to take breaks when you are studying for finals season. Sometimes all you need is fresh air and the feeling of grass under your feet. Get outside and simply listen to the sounds of nature. Taking these breaks can reduce stress and give your mind a break from all the studying. This can help increase focus and concentration, improve your mood, and give you a better perspective on the task at hand. Additionally, being outside in nature has been shown to increase creativity and reduce anxiety.

Don’t forget our Furry Freinds

If you are lucky enough to have a pet, make sure to take the time to show them some extra love these last few weeks. And for those without, there are plenty of options to get some furry-friend therapy. Check out local pet stores, and petting zoos, or join a school therapy animal event to take a break and have fun. Don’t think about finals or tests, just focus on enjoying the time there.

Just remember not to get too caught up with grades and if you are pushing yourself too hard take a break. Have fun and make the most of the end of the year, summer is almost here! Celebrate with friends and family and be proud of yourself and all of your accomplishments. You have already done so much.

Don’t forget “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think”- WInnie The Pooh

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1 Comment

Mina Rowland
Mina Rowland
May 20, 2023

I enjoyed this! Especially the point about furry friends!!

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