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EBV Conference Sponsorships

Our Annual Academic Empowerment conference is a great initiative for your organisation to support.


  • Aimed at all students in their transitional school, university or postgraduate years who feel unsupported and are seeking encouragement, empowerment or academic support.


  • Annual Academic Empowerment conference;

  • Help is provided through story-sharing from our EBV mentors and ambassadors of similar backgrounds to our audience. The event focuses around skill-sharing and practical advice.

  • Mentors/ ambassadors will run the workshops which are intended to be interactive and intimate, giving students the opportunity to ask personal and in-depth questions that they perhaps could not during the larger core talks, for example, during the personal statement workshop.

  • Student Q+A panel discussions are intended to create a wider conversation around the subject topic at hand, giving the students the chance to interact with student ambassadors in a group setting, the aim being a ‘domino effect’ question and answer session. Core talks are mainly non-interactive sessions that allow the students to take notes and simply listen to the advice of a ‘professional’. These allow for the students to gain a different perspective about topics such as Study Skills to help them tackle their work from a strategic and informed way.

  • Brands, firms and schools are invited to sponsor the event, with further information on pricing available upon request via email.


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