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Crafting a Remarkable Personal Statement

Are you a prospective student eager to attend your dream university? Your journey to higher education begins with a standout personal statement. This is a crucial part of the application process as it allows you to show your uniqueness, communicate your passion and demonstrate why you would be the perfect fit for the institution. In this article we will explore the art of crafting an outstanding personal statement that will leave a memorable impression on the admissions team.

Plan what you want to cover. Are there any experiences you want to highlight? Start by considering the answers to these questions:

  • What do you want to study?

  • Why do you want to study this?

  • Why are you especially suited to study this particular subject?

  • What relevant skills, interests and experience can you bring to this field?

A lot of us tend to struggle with how we want to open our statement. We look to achieve that perfect one sentence that really captures what we are trying to get across. However, remember that the opening of your personal statement serves as an introduction into who you are. Try not to overthink it, keep it relevant and avoid cliches.

What to consider for the opening paragraph:

  • Where has your interest in this subject stemmed from? When thinking about this, avoid the common cliches ‘From a young age…’

  • What is the main stand out experience that you can link to this subject?

  • Don't overdo the opening. We tend to focus so much on making the beginning sentence of our statements powerful but sometimes a clear and concise sentence can have just the same effect?

  • Come back to the introduction at the end. Sometimes once you've written the rest of your statement the opening becomes clearer as you now know what you're introducing?

The more concentrated your personal statement is the better. Each sentence must serve a purpose. Be clear and concise. Avoid letting your sentences run on and focus on having clear sentences that get to the point.

Another important point is to "show" rather than "tell" in your personal statement. Offer concrete examples as opposed to simply listing your attributes This exemplifies your strengths, skills, and character through vivid, illustrative examples. Use descriptive language that creates a clear, detailed image for the reader.

Show off your experience. When writing your personal statement, it is important that you display your achievements without downplaying your abilities. Don't be afraid to really showcase your accomplishments with confidence.

Draft, draft and draft! Your first attempt at writing your personal statement doesn't have to be the best. Have a friend read it over. Send it to your teachers. Make sure you seek out constructive criticism, this will help you improve.

We wish all those in the midst of the university application season the best of luck. We have complete confidence that your hard work will lead to your success.

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