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About Us

Empowered By Vee is an academic empowerment organisation bridging the gap between student ability and self-belief. 


Our Story

Empowered By Vee was founded and is run by Varaidzo (Vee) Kativhu, a 23 year old author, education activist and empowerment YouTuber. Vee is also an Oxford University BA graduate and a Harvard University Master of Education graduate. Before attending university, Vee had always aspired to attend a Russell Group University but did not feel as well-equipped to do so due to coming from an underrepresented and lower socio-economic background. 


After gaining admission into Oxford through the pioneering Foundation Year at Lady Margaret Hall, she launched her YouTube channel to share her story and provide the empowerment to other students that she felt she has lacked. Her channel which has amassed over 250,000 students globally, quickly became a student resource for applying to university and also a source of inspiration and motivation for those students already at university who came from similar backgrounds. As well as sharing study tips, Vee spoke candidly about her fears of navigating space as a young black woman from a lower socio-economic background, the issues of a lack of diversity and lack of support in underfunded schools.

The growth of her channel inspired her to launch Empowered By Vee, an academic empowerment platform that bridges the gap between self belief and academic ability. Vee firmly believes that there is an abundance of intelligent young people who are slipping through the system due to a lack of support, empowerment and community.

Aim Higher.

Empowered By Vee aims to help students feel inspired, to aim higher within their education, and to live an empowered life. We aim to provide them with the tools and skills to take up space, to own their talent and to grab hold of opportunities. Vee encourages her students to see themselves as worthy, equal and deserving of the things they deeply desire to achieve. 

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Who We've Worked With:

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Meet The Team

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